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Author Spotlight 

Twilah Anthony

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Twilah R. Anthony is the CEO of Thrive Inc. and an Educational Advocate. Thrive is a tutoring company servicing students with special needs. Additionally, she is an Independent Business Owner within Total Life Changes, a company that promotes health and wellness. 

Twilah stared death in the face twice but in spite of doctor's predictions, overcame her illnesses at all possible odds. Despite her traumatic experiences, she is now flourishing, standing firm upon her faith and tenacity. She speaks regularly to families and patients in various hospital ICUs, providing coping skills and motivation. Through it all, she has remained humble and positive, always offering inspirational words of support to anyone in need. 

Twilah is the seventh child of ten siblings, born in Washington DC. She is the mother of three wonderful children and has three grandchildren. She currently resides in Maryland with her husband of 25 years, Derrick Anthony, Sr.  

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